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Editorial Design Internship
Fall '23 - Spring '24

While I served as an Editorial Design Intern at Reproductive Freedom for All, I was very privileged to participate in the visual storytelling of some critical issues regarding reproductive rights. 


My responsibilities extended beyond traditional editorial design and included delivery of innovative design concepts for campaigns, events, merch; as well as, curation of multimedia assets for strategic deployment across social media platforms. Collaborating closely with the editorial team, I translated intricate policy issues into compelling visuals and crafted engaging, informative copy to accompany them. This dual expertise not only enhanced the organization's visual identity but also enriched its written narrative. By engaging in the design process from concept to execution, I honed my skills in conveying nuanced messages through graphics. 


Through this experience, I gained a deeper understanding of the multifaceted challenges and triumphs within the realm of reproductive freedom. Navigating the intersection of design and advocacy, I embraced the responsibility of visually amplifying voices and fostering understanding on issues that matter. This internship not only enhanced my technical proficiency but also enriched my perspective on the power of design in advancing social causes.

Want to see more? 

Check out my social media and content creation portfolio!

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