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Branding + Social Media

In Ames, Iowa, Campustown is looking to invest and open a new business that will appeal to the Iowa State University community.  Approximately 15.9% of the Iowa State community identifies as multicultural. 

I propose that Campustown opens a multicultural grocery store. Currently, no grocery stores are nearby that are easily accessible through foot traffic from campus and cater to a broad audience. Opening this type of business would not only target the multicultural audience at Iowa State, but it would also entice others who want to do their grocery shopping and experience other ethnic food groups. 

Campustown is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this untapped market and create a business that caters to the entire ISU community, including the growing multicultural sector. My solution is Mio.

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132 Welch Ave, Ames, IA 50014, US

Problems to be addressed in the proposed location include the lack of visibility, transparency, decorative elements, lighting, and accessibility. 

Storefront Vector Illustration

Mio Firehouse Night_
Mio Firehouse Daytime_
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Building Brand Awareness

Since the current and future customers of this multicultural grocery store include students and faculty of ISU, visitors, neighbors of Campustown, and the multiculturally inclined audience of Ames, a social media presence could prove beneficial to attract the target audience and build brand awareness. 

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