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Good Design is...

a designer's manifesto

Good design is about growth.

It is about practicing, developing skills, and finding new ways to continue evolving and innovating.

Good design is about taking risks and breaking the rules.

Our best work can come from making unexpected, unconventional, and untraditional decisions.

Good design is accessible.

It is made for people and with people in mind. It is also a reflection and a response to our times. A good designer creates good designs by being aware of their audience's environmental, economical, and political climate to ensure their design is accessible.

Good design is just and equitable.

It is about creating work that is fair and socially just. It strives to remain impartial while uplifting and empowering the voices of marginalized communities.

Good design is truthful.

It is about creating work that is true to its essence and audience. It does not seek to deceive, defraud or mislead.

Good design is universal design.

It is about realizing that the standard practices for design are not designed with everyone in mind. Our job as graphic designers is to elevate that standard to make truly accessible and inclusive designs.

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